Urban Leaf - Elias Läderach

Chocolate Travel Cake

This crunchy chocolate roll is truly irresistible. The rich almond and hazelnut sponge with light notes of cocoa is combined with a trio of caramel, citrus fruits and fleur de sel to create a moment of pure indulgence.

Recipe “Chocolate Travel Cake”

OrNoir Tablet

The tropical fruity caramel filling with a subtle hint of salt combines wonderfully with the melt-in-the-mouth texture and distinctively fruity and flavoursome South American cocoa to create a truly unforgettable fusion of flavours.

Recipe “OrNoir Tablet”

Chocolate Bonbon

This exclusive praline blends a classic milk and dark chocolate ganache with a mandarin and lemongrass coulis on a crunchy base and is coated with a unique OrNoir Urban Leaf 69.8% couverture.

Recipe “Chocolate Bonbon”

Fresh Patisserie

Exquisite ingredients fresh from the market. With its colours and shapes, this dessert creation appears simple and almost futuristic, but at the same time delightfully natural. The two creams hidden inside the choux pastry perfectly complement the fresh, exotic fruit compote. A real treat for all the senses.

Recipe “Fresh Patisserie”